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Soak Tank Service

Hood Cleaning inc., Soak Tank Service cleaning extends the life of your kitchen equipment. Our Soak Tank Service and industrial strength chemicals make it easy to eliminate the carbon and deep grease from kitchen equipment parts, such as char-grill grates, fryer baskets or grease filters.

Using Soak Tank Service reduces staff hours that otherwise would be spent on scrubbing pots and pans. You'll have cleaner equipment which helps provide energy savings. The food you serve will have more flavor and taste better cooked in pots and pans which have been cleaned in a Soak Tank. You'll also reduce the chance of fire by using our Soak Tank Service to regularly clean the grease from your hood vents.

Contact us to get more information on setting up a soak tank in your kitchen, for service and/or to setup a schedule for our soak tank technician to change the cleaning chemicals on a regular basis to keep your system running at its peak performance.